B Tech Supplementary Tuition

B Tech Supplementary
Duration: 40 Hours
Course Offered for All Universities


A recent survey has reported that in the past 5 years Engineering Colleges have high incidents of dropouts. This happens primarily due to the
• Lack of Goal in life
• Lack of strong fundamentals
• Lack of concentration
• Laziness
• Personal & Family problems

We have realised the importance of immediate attention to it and started some novelty actions such as:
• personalized counseling
• Exam planning
• Mathematical & Analytical Foundation building
• Concept-Oriented Coaching
• Having checkpoints at regular intervals

We never restrict our course of actions only to conventional educational practices. We always take all the steps to enrich the mental agility and overall performance of our students through specialised training programmes such as
• Personality nourishment
• Memory management
• Time utilisation
• Exam management
and many other interactive and action-oriented programmes for equipping them for a job opportunity’s and to achieve heights in their career.

For past 13 years, we helped 2479 students, who had supplies ranging from 10 subjects to 44 subjects. We do have personalised counselling for students who have a lot of back papers to identify their weakness and to help them to plan their future exam seasons.