B Tech KTU First year Tuition

B Tech KTU First year Tuition
Duration: 40 Hours
Course Offered for All First year KTU Subjects

Why Students need First-year Tuition

Lack of Strong Mathematical Skills: The backbone of the engineer is mathematics and from beginning pupil perceives it to be boring and difficult There is a huge demand for applied mathematics tuition. One of the delightful characteristics of youth is to put off unpleasant things.A thorough principle of mathematics and physics is very necessary for engineering.The whole foundation is laid upon it.

Choosing Text Books: There are many textbooks and question banks available in the market wrongly written, interrupted by lengthy equations & derivations.Some are written well so to make the matter short and concise.Such materials result lowering the logical thinking of the pupil.

More ever lecturers assume that students coming to the first semester in engineering colleges know all fundamentals.But this is not a fact expect a few.In our competitive education system with the sole aim of getting 100% results in their 12th Std Board Exams schools, tutorials and coaching centres do not teach the fundamentals properly.

Lecturers in technical colleges rush through the portions as if in a hurry and this has serious repercussions for the students in that they are unable to understand certain basic concepts in that short time frame.In order to complete the portions, the students end up mugging up even subjects like mathematics without understanding the underlying basics.And to make it worse with a very poor foundation they are not able to cope up with the higher studies within a much more lesser time frame(a semester of 4 months).So drives the need for better engineering tuition